Sweet Music – Tobias Hume

HUME, TOBIAS (c. 1569-1645) – The English composer Tobias Hume did not write any of his works in a conventional staff but used, instead, a tablature similar to that used in France for the lute. The cycle of pieces recorded by Quaternaglia was originally published in London in 1607 for lyra viol (a small bass viola da gamba) under the name Captaine Humes Poeticall Musicke. Here is what Gilbert Biberian says about his arrangement: “The title Intavolatura is a metaphor. I had to go back to the principles of Renaissance music to understand its deep polyphonic principles. It is a true transcription, since nothing from the original piece was changed”. The cycle, Intavolatura, recorded by Quaternaglia in 1995, includes Sweet Music, Maske, The Passion of Music and Mistress Tittle’s Jig.

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