• 1992


    First Quaternaglia recital at Pátio da Cruz at PUC-SP – Tribute to the ECO-92 United Nations Conference;

    Quaternaglia receives the “Uirapuru Prize” at FASM’s Chamber Music Competition

  • 1993


    Quaternaglia performs as part of the Violões no Interior Project, concert series hosted by a number of cities in the interior of São Paulo state

  • 1994


    Premiere in Rio de Janeiro, Quaternaglia starts to play with four instruments constructed by the Rio guitar-maker Sérgio Abreu

  • 1995


    Release of Quaternaglia, the group’s first album with works by Brouwer, Villa-Lobos, Stravinsky, and Marquez Cunha

  • 1996


    Release of Antique, the group’s second album, with works by Praetorius, Hume, Telemann, Boccherini, and Carulli;

    Quaternaglia receives the “Carlos Gomes Prize” in the Chamber Music category;

    Quaternaglia performs internationally for the first time at Teatro Solís in Montevideo (Uruguay) with Abel Carlevaro and Leo Brouwer in attendance

  • 1997


    Premiere in the United States (concerts in Miami, Washington D.C., and Princeton)

  • 1998


    Quaternaglia receives the “Ensemble Prize” in the Havana International Guitar Festival and Competition (Cuba)

  • 1999


    Tour in the United States (premieres in New York, Dallas, and Los Angeles)

  • 2000


    Release of the album Forrobodó, with works by Gismonti, Bellinati, Assad, and Nazareth, the album is produced by Egberto Gismonti and is distributed in Europe by ECM

  • 2002


    First recital at the Festival Concert Hall of Round Top (Texas, USA), place that, for more than a decade, would serve as host of a series of premieres of new works by Quaternaglia;

    Quaternaglia performs its first concert at the Rio de Janeiro Municipal Theater performing the “Concierto Andaluz” by Joaquín Rodrigo with the Brazilian Symphonic Orchestra

  • 2004


    Release of the album Presença with works by Sergio Molina, Radamés Gnattali, Paulo Tiné, Rodrigo Vitta, Douglas Lora, and Tom Jobim

  • 2005


    US premiere of works for four guitars and orchestra by Sergio Molina and Egberto Gismonti

  • 2006


    Release of the DVD Quaternaglia recorded live at Sala Itaú Cultural (São Paulo);

    Quaternaglia participates in the Jô show at TV Globo;

    Group tours 6 states in the Brazilian Northeast

  • 2007


    US premiere of Quintet for Another Time, by Sergio Molina with James Dick (piano)

  • 2008


    Quaternaglia performs as invited soloist of orchestra concertos conducted by Leo Brouwer in his first visit to Brazil (the performances took place in the MASP Auditorium and at SESC Pinheiros, both in São Paulo)

  • 2009-2010


    Guitarists Chrystian Dozza and Thiago Abdalla join Quaternaglia, performing alongside Fabio Ramazzina (in the group since 1993) and founder Sidney Molina

  • 2010


    Release of the album Estampas, recorded in the United States and produced by Sérgio Abreu with works by Villa-Lobos, Ginastera, Moreno Torroba, Brouwer, and Assad

  • 2011


    Quaternaglia tours 6 Brazilian states (Paraná, Minas Gerais, Brasília, Pará, Paraíba, and Sergipe)

  • 2012


    Guitar quartet and orchestra recital at Sala São Paulo under the Direction of Isaac Karabtchevsky;

    Orchestra concerto at Theatro da Paz (Belém) conducted by Leo Brouwer;

    Release of the album Jequibau (with works by Bellinati, Tiné, Gismonti, and Marco Pereira)

  • 2013


    Tours in Europe and the United States;

    Concerto with Chamber Orchestra of Havana directed by Leo Brouwer at the Teatro Nacional de Havana with a live recording of his Concerto Italico, released in the album Mitologia de las Águas

  • 2014


    Quaternaglia performs in Australia for the first time

  • 2015


    Release of the album Xangô, with works by Almeida Prado, João Luiz, Sergio Molina, Chrystian Dozza, Paulo Bellinati, Ronaldo Miranda, and Villa-Lobos;

    Tours in the United States in January and June

  • 2016


    European tour with performances in Alicante (Spain) and in the Terras Sem Sombra Festival (Portugal);

    Recital at Sala Cecília Meireles (Rio de Janeiro)

  • 2017


    Concert at Auditório Ibirapuera (celebration of the quartet’s 25th anniversary)

  • 2018


    Premiere of Song of the Universal by Sergio Molina, with Quaternaglia and James Dick (piano) at Round Top (EUA);

    Concerto Andaluz by Joaquín Rodrigo with the Minas Gerais Philharmonic Orchestra at Sala Minas Gerais;

    Leo Brouwer writes Así era la dancita, aquella! (Divertimento), work commissioned and dedicated to Quaternaglia

  • 2019


    Produced by GuitarCoop, the album Four (with works by Brouwer, Bernstein, Javier Farías, and Piazzolla) is released with a recital at Sala Cecília Meireles (Rio de Janeiro)

  • 2020


    Tour in 7 American states, with recordings at Guitar Salon (Santa Monica, CA) and a recital at the Symphony Space in New York (part of the international season of the New York Classical Guitar Society); American premiere of the new work by Brouwer and Thiago Tavares’ arrangement of the Symphonic Dances from West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein

  • 2021


    Sérgio Assad writes Bellinati’s Mosaic, work commissioned and dedicated to Quaternaglia

  • 2022


    Celebration of the 30 years of Quaternaglia, with concerts at Sala São Paulo and the Church of Saint Alexander in Belém (Pará);

    Release of two albums in the space of thee months: Down the Black River, with works by Sergio Molina for four guitars, piano, and orchestra (including the participation of pianist Rogério Zaghi and orchestra directed by Emiliano Patarra); and Bellinati’s Mosaic, which contains works by Paulo Bellinati and Sérgio Assad and features performances by Bellinati himself (playing steel-stringed guitar), Swami Jr. (electric bass), and Ari Colares (percussion)